Cryptocurrency Bill 2022, Cryptocurrency Tax in India 2022

The government of India passed the cryptocurrency bill 2022, which introduced a new tax on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency gains will get taxed at a rate of 30% beginning in April, the highest tax level and the same rate as lottery winners. That would apply to all “virtual digital assets,” including Bitcoin, NFT, and earnings. Stock trading, […]

Oily Skin Care… Solutions that Work!

Do you require an oily skincare regimen? Is there oil seeping from your T-Zone? Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples are common on oily skin. Of course, the ugliest zit will always appear when you least expect it! Oily Skin – the Cause Over-active sebaceous glands are responsible for the “glow”. These glands are busy producing excessive […]

How to do Fasting for Weight Loss – The Ultimate Guide

Fasting for Weight Loss Programs There are a number of fasting weight loss programs on the market, which makes it a little difficult to decide which one to try. You should also consider whether a fasting weight loss program is the right approach for you. Every individual is different and fasting may be easy for […]

Healthy Foods for Your Skin … for a Radiant Complexion

Eating nutritious meals for your skin is a simple and tasty approach to appearing younger. The appropriate foods will enhance your complexion as well as your health. A good diet is not only important for your body; it also serves as the foundation for attractive, healthy skin. Make a healthy eating plan a priority and […]

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