Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Education

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world, and education is no exception. Millions of students in the US and other countries are being forced to stay at home following the protocol of recent school closings. Education becomes much more meaningful these days. In this article, we will discuss the impact of the current crisis on education.

Impacts are discussed below :

  • It will not be easy and cheap: In a time of crisis, the most important shortcomings of every system become apparent. In most countries, people cannot meet in groups for any purpose, including classes. Many Universities lost a lot of money because they have to adapt to new conditions. .The situation is also uncomfortable for students because their lessons are not being abolished, but are being replaced by online education. For many of these people, it’s even more difficult than traditional courses.
  • Online Education and Video Platforms: All classes are broadcast remotely, while digital platforms like Zoom and Skype become essential aspects of education. They are useful for most academic activities:
    • Master classes
    • Debate courses
    • Presentation of projects
    • Group work with audio-visual materials   
    • Communication between the teacher and students personally.

Unfortunately, not all the academic activities can be organised with the help of video platforms.

  • Emphasis on written assignments: More attention is paid to the written assignments as they are the best way for teachers to ensure that the students have learned material , if you are a student, you will be familiar with various reflection and discussion essays in which  have to  demonstrate your understanding of the materials. In the conditions of the pandemic, the number of tasks of this type has increased dramatically. They even claim that writing has become a staple activity in the American education system.
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  • Relies heavily on online testing: Students in a variety of countries, including the US and UK, are required to take test assignments with set deadlines to demonstrate their knowledge of the material being studied. Believe me, at times these tasks can be very challenging and students may even need help. Limited deadlines and difficult questions can become a stressful experience for even the most diligent student, the controversial custom of their educators.
  • Creating new opportunities: The pandemic creates new opportunities for the development of global education systems. As you probably know, difficult times lead to bringing people together, the crisis related to COVID-19 leads various international organizations to start cooperation between education systems, it includes various webinars, online conferences, and experience sharing. On the situation in which the problems of the American education system are being eliminated through international cooperation.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the education system . Restrictions on public events are causing educational institutions to digitally relocate their teaching to the area in which they are located can be done with the help of Zoom and similar apps. Educators give essays and tests online to assess their students’ knowledge. For many students, this educational format is even more difficult than a traditional one. Optimistic, there is still a chance of finding something positive in the current situation. The crisis stimulates international cooperation and gives hope that active efforts will help to solve the problems of certain educational systems.

  • Unique learning experience: Online learning is a great opportunity to introduce students to technologies that they are not familiar with. Kids of all ages have the opportunity to learn about video chat and its many features. Students can also learn valuable experiences from the Internet. Security, digital capabilities, and time management. Many new tasks may affect the experience of the younger generation and their relationship with technology.

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