Technical SEO for eCommerce websites: Tips to extend visitors

eCommerce may be a fastly growing field that’s dominated by Amazon and Walmart. But small e-commerce stores are opening up across the web but who will move ahead. That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. SEO is sole that once you search a question on a research engine – your website should appear within the search result if that content is accessible on your site.

But this easy logic needs many diligence. So here we are presenting some great Technical SEO tips which is able to increase visitor’s traffic on your eCommerce website greatly.

So read on!!

1. Research, Research, and Research the Keyword

A normal person trying to find something will put some words associated with that product and so the computer program will show an inventory of results. So that’s where the role of keyword comes. First of all, you must be clear about your product then research the keyword associated with that product.

Use Ahref – or ubersuggest – to research the keyword. this can provide you with a listing of keywords – some will have a high CPC rate some will have low competition. you’ve got to choose the keyword which has low competition and high CPC.

2. Structure of the positioning Around Your Keyword

Site structure is expounded to navigation on your website. the perfect number of characters in your URL for a selected product mustn’t be quite 160. meaning you’ll be able to select 3 level architecture and keep it simple. Users should feel comfortable and straightforward while trying to seek out products.

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For example –

Using this instead of is incredibly efficient.

3. Structure of URL

URL structure should be extremely easy to read and provides a transparent indication of what the user is searching for. There are some tips –

1. Keep it easy and easy

2. Focus the URL around a selected keyword

3. Always set the URL in a very way that shows proper hierarchy (i.e. which page is inside which page)

4. Use hyphens to separate words

4. Optimize Your Description

Suppose you seek white shirts – then google gives you an inventory of search results. Now gazing the links you’ll observe there’s something written under the links too. Well, that’s the outline, and optimizing your description will amp up the rating of your page a great deal thus generating you more traffic.

The product you’re specializing for – search that keyword and compare the outline of top 5 results – you’ll find that the smart description is getting higher ranking thus giving it a top position. try and keep focus keyword in description to 2 times and use long-tail keywords together with action keywords.

5. Product and Category Description

SEO is all about looking better and searching differently. So attempt to be creative and provides each of your product categories a novel tagline and outline which pertains to the highlighted keyword and will rank you better.

Search Engine looks at your descriptions while indexing the pages and that they hunt for ease – if your description is sweet and accurate per your product – then they index the page beyond your competitor.

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6. Fix Issues addressing Duplicate Content

From time to time search for pages that have duplicate content. First of all, search engines rank your website lower if they find that redundancy is there and secondly it takes up space on the server at the identical confuses the user.

To look for duplicate content you’ll be able to use ahref’s site audit tool- which is able to provide you with a close description of duplicate content on your site.

Try to fix this as soon as possible.

7. Orphaned Pages lowers your image

In e-commerce websites, whether you would like it or not some pages will become orphaned or too deep into the architecture. the sole problem here is that the pages which you wish to rank higher or those pages which are important shouldn’t be over 3-clicks away. this suggests you’ve got found these pages and fix them.

Use ahref’s site audit to search out the deep pages so change their link such they’re few clicks off from the house page.

8. Keep Your Site far from Keyword Cannibalization

Many people make this error – where they use the identical keyword across multiple pages on their website. This creates controversy for the program to locate a specific page to point out for that individual keyword and it ignores those websites where it’s to think an excessive amount of (in its capacity). So keep your site off from these errors.

9. Analyzing Your Backlinks

A simple works in SEO – higher the backlinks, better your image in eyes of search engines. But there comes technicality – there are few different styles of backlinks – no-follow backlinks, do-follow backlinks, content backlinks, broken backlinks, image backlinks, etc.

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And all of those are necessary, well except broken backlinks (those you have got to regularly check and repair).

So move to ahref or ubersuggest and seek backlinks and appearance for your profile. Then there’s an easy trick to putting together more backlinks – explore for backlinks your competitor is using and steal them. Yes, everyone does it then do you have to.

10. Page Speed

If your website has everything – fine keywords, good structure but doesn’t open quickly then users won’t occupy your site. And search engines investigate these items. Page Speed is actually necessary and particularly for the mobile version. Because we millennials do everything from mobile.

You can hunt for your page speed report in Google Analytics and there you’ll find tips to boost your page report. Use them.

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